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Welcome to the JAB Home Page!

Club Responsibility Statement:
Below is the club's statement regarding responsibility of club members:

* As members of the Jack of All Brews Homebrewing Club, we pledge to drink and act responsibly.
* As a home brewing club, alcoholic beverages are a part of our club activities.
* We pledge to be not only responsible for ourselves, but share responsibility by looking after each other and our guests.
* We support this responsibility by ensuring no one drives under the influence.
* We will heed each other's advice to stop drinking when necessary.
* We pledge this as a club and as friends.

Future Meetings:
When: Friday, May 13th, 6:30 pm
Where: Schram Winery & Brewery - Waconia
Topic: ---
Mash Paddle Style of Month: Open

Below is the tentative 2016 monthly schedule:

Month Location Topic Mash Paddle Style Special Event
January Officer Elections Minnesota MashOut
February Eric W. Girl Scout cookie beer pairing open Duluth Brew-Ha-Ha
March Rahr Bierstube Picobrew demo open
April Eric W. - Waconia Low-Gravity Brewing Low gravity under 5%
May Schram Brewery TBD open
June TBD Fruit Fruit beer, cider, mead NHC San Diego
July TBD Trivia, games open
August TBD new BJCP IPA categories IPA All-Club Campout / State Fair / Carver County Fair / AHA Mead Day
September TBD TBD Dark and malty Renn Fest
October TBD Octoberfest Tasting Open Fargo Hoppy Halloween
November TBD Using spices in beer Spice Herb Veg AHA Learn to Homebrew Day
December TBD Holiday Pot Luck, Gift Exchange None
January 2017 TBD TBD Cider

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