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Welcome to the JAB Home Page!

Club Responsibility Statement:
Below is the club's statement regarding responsibility of club members:

* As members of the Jack of All Brews Homebrewing Club, we pledge to drink and act responsibly.
* As a home brewing club, alcoholic beverages are a part of our club activities.
* We pledge to be not only responsible for ourselves, but share responsibility by looking after each other and our guests.
* We support this responsibility by ensuring no one drives under the influence.
* We will heed each other's advice to stop drinking when necessary.
* We pledge this as a club and as friends.

Future Meetings:
When: Friday, May 8th, 6:30 pm
Where: TBD
Topic: Experimental Beer Planning
Mash Paddle Style of Month: Dark Lager, Bock, Vienna Lager

Below is a TENTATIVE monthly schedule, note that things WILL change:

Month Location Topic Mash Paddle Style Special Event
January Eric W. - Waconia Officer Elections Strong Stuff Minnesota MashOut
February Eric W. - Waconia "Doctored" Beer Pale Ale / IPA Duluth Brew-Ha-Ha
March Mike Lebben - Victoria Brewing Sculptures - Joe L. Irish Red
April High-Gravity Brewing - Mike Lebben Open Waconia Brewing Competition
May Experimental Beer Planning Dark Lager, Bock, Vienna Lager AHA Big Brew - Enki??
June, date TBD Tinctures & "Bitters" - Eric W. Lawnmower: Light Lager, Pilsner, Light Hybrid NHC San Diego
July Beer Cocktails - Eric W. Fruit Beers
August Mike B. - Eden Prairie Mead Making - Guest Speaker - Steve Piatz Mead All-Club Campout? / State Fair / Carver County Fair / AHA Mead Day
September Experimental Beer Tasting Experimental Beer Picnic? / Renn Fest
October Octoberfest Tasting Octoberfest Cider Pressing?, Fargo Hoppy Halloween
November Brewing Software Wood Aged AHA Learn to Homebrew Day
December Holiday Pot Luck & Gift Exchange None

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